Nickname Jandy
Sex Male
Blood type A
Marriage married
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  1. Jandy
    registered a photo. Today 6:23
    • 20191021朝食 AFFFE520-6C21-430E-ABEA-175FF4764C01
  1. Jandy
    registered a photo. Yesterday 22:41
    • 20191020夕食ふりかけ B78E2BE9-9E24-479A-9A2C-7D76B5A3D938
    • 20191020夕食 0356730E-61B0-48D5-817F-C09614503EDE
    • 20191020おやつ 49949FBB-6E44-445E-989B-98A5FE9FF664
  2. Jandy
    registered a photo. Yesterday 13:00
    • 20191020昼食 9853AE68-BB71-4416-ADCE-9C2366B70B69
  3. Jandy
    registered a photo. Yesterday 6:36
    • 20191020朝食 EBEE2021-4D06-4991-B67E-B36A5F332EA8
  1. Jandy
    registered a photo. (All 5 photos) 10/19(Sat) 18:42
    • 20191019昼食 B3091257-220C-4B64-9F16-EFF749A6A206
    • 20191019おやつ 6668565C-53D0-4EC2-AC71-913FC18682BD
    • 20191019ウエストポーチ1 56360520-625C-4584-92E8-14BE5C6514FF
    • 20191019ウエストポーチ2 D85E18E4-40CD-40F8-865B-B162CAB1BBCF

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